Privacy policy

In this privacy policy we provide compulsory information on the data processing performed by the data controller UAB Itella Logistics (company reg. number 110883051, address Pirklių g. 5, Vilnius, tel. +370 5 215 9825, e-mail in accordance with the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter the Regulation). The following information includes four purposes of data processing: (i) processing of the data of candidates for vacancies; (ii) quality control and assurance of proper provision of services (call recording); (iii) administration of complaints, inquiries and feedback; (iv) e-mail communication. This document also describes the rights of your as a data subject, provision of data to recipients, and other conditions for processing of personal data applicable to all personal data processed for the above purposes.

Processing of personal data for job candidates in the selection process

If you have sent us your CV to include your information to our candidate database, or sent us your CV according to the advertisement on our website or on a dedicated job search website, we will process the data provided by you voluntarily and the following data for the purpose of administering the employee recruitment and the database.

We will process your personal data until the end of the selection process, i.e. until we select a candidate for recruitment, the end of his/her probation period or until we decide to complete the selection without recruiting any candidate. This period should not exceed 4 months. After the end of the selection, your personal data will be stored for additional period of 3 years for the purpose of future selections, unless you express objection to such storage of your data. After the end of these 3 years, you data will be deleted. If you want to express objection to storage of your personal data after the end of the initial selection, please inform us by e-mail or in a notification form which is provided to be signed during a meeting (job interview).

If you submit your data to be included in our candidate database, will keep your data for 3 years without requesting additional consent, based on your will expressed by submission of your data.
We will process your personal data and the basis of your expressed will to participate in the selection procedure or store data in the candidate database, and after the end of selection procedure we will process your data on the basis of legitimate interest. Submission of data is voluntary, however, without having your data we would not be able to evaluate your eligibility. You can revoke your participation in the selection procedure or storage of data in candidates database at any time.

Please be advised that exercising the right granted to us by the personal data protection legislation we can contact your former employers, asking for reference about your qualifications, professional abilities and professional characteristics. However, we will not contact your current employer without your explicit prior consent.

Data submission is voluntary. If you do not provide data, we will not be able to evaluate the suitability of your candidacy.

Assurance of quality control and proper provision of services (call recording)

For your telephone calls on the customer service line +370 700 55009 (calls from abroad +370 37 403825 are forwarded to number +370 700 55009), we reserve the right to control the quality of the services provided to you and ensure their proper rendering. The call recording is based on your consent – before the beginning of the call, we inform you that the call will be recorded, and ask you to continue the call only if you agree to the recording. If you do not agree to the call recording, you can stop it and contact us by email or post.

The call record will be stored for no longer than 30 days and then destroyed.

Administration of complaints, inquiries or feedback

If you submit a complaint, request or feedback to our company by email or other means, we will process your personal data submitted voluntarily for the purpose of administering this complaint, request or feedback.

If your complaint relates to a potential dispute, possible damage, etc., your personal data can be stored for a maximum period of 10 years. If personal data are not related to a possible dispute, we will destroy them in a shorter period of time,

The processing of your personal data will be based on the expression of your free will, i.e. the consent; however, in some cases the legal act may become the basis for further storage of the complaint.

E-mail communication

Based on the Regulation, content of correspondence by e-mail is considered as personal data and this applies even to the correspondence of employees of legal entities. In this respect, we will apply the rules for the processing of personal data in accordance with the Regulation to the content of communication as well as to the email addresses.

The basis for the processing of your personal data is the free expression of your correspondence and provision of certain details, such as consent, in your correspondence. Moreover, the processing of your data may also be based on the performance of a contract and statutory obligations.

We will process your email, correspondence and related information in accordance with the principle of proportionality. These data will be primarily visible to our employee directly communicating with you. However, in certain cases, your correspondence may also be accessible to other employees of our company, for example, in the course of internal administration, investigation of potential violations of legal acts or internal rules of procedure, replacement of the employee and related purposes.

Provision of personal data to recipients

We can provide your personal data to:

  • IT, server, mail, archiving, marketing, accounting service providers;
  • companies in the same group;
  • notaries, bailiffs, lawyers, consultants, auditors;
  • law enforcement and supervisory authorities, courts and other dispute settlement bodies;
  • potential or existing successors of our business or part thereof, or their authorized consultants or individuals.

What are the principles of personal data protection that we abide?

By collecting and using the personal data that you have entrusted to us, and received from other sources, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Your personal data are processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner (the principle of legality, integrity and transparency);
  • Your personal data are collected for specified, clearly defined and for legitimate purposes, and not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes (the purpose limitation principle);
  • Your personal data are adequate, appropriate and necessary only for the purposes for which they are processed (the data reduction principle);
  • the processed personal data is accurate and updated, if necessary (principle of accuracy);
  • Your personal data are stored in such a form that you can be identified no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your personal data is processed (the principle of limiting the duration of storage);
  • Your personal data are managed in such a way as to ensure the adequate protection of personal data, including the protection against unauthorized processing or processing of unauthorized data and unintentional loss, destruction or damage by appropriate technical or organizational measures (the principle of integrity and confidentiality).

Implementation of data subject’s rights

We inform you that you have the following rights of the data subject: the right of access to your personal data and to be informed of how they are processed; the right to request to correct or supplement the incomplete personal data, taking into account the purposes for the processing of personal data; the right to request to destroy your data or suspend its processing (except for storage); the right to request to restrict the processing of personal data; the right to data transfer; the right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate; the right to withdraw your consent.

In order to implement your data subject's rights, we will have to identify you. Without identifying you, we will not know if the person contacting this is indeed the same person whose personal information we process, and therefore we will not be able to exercise your rights.

We may refuse to process the request for enforcement received from you, or we may ask for a corresponding fee if your request is clearly unfounded or excessive, as well as in other cases provided by law.

Should you would like to exercise your data subject's rights or have other questions regarding the processing of your personal data, contact the Personal Data Protection Officer at the following contact details: Erika Stukienė, tel. +370 219 6632, e-mail: